JOURNEY: Schon Goes to the Videotape

Neal Schon has just taken his displeasure with his Journey bandmates posing for, and posting, a picture of their visit with President Trump up a notch by posting a video on Facebook that he feels supports his argument.

Shot earlier this year, it shows the band doing an interview on a Hong Kong radio station. Asked if they were invited to perform at Trump's inauguration, keyboardist Jonathan Cain -- whose wife, Pentecostal televangelist Paula White, delivered the invocation at the inauguration --said, "We're not political. We don't get into politics. We try to stay in our lane, and I think that's the best answer we can give you."

Schon then followed up with, "The best place to stay is neutral, in the center, and just don't take a side. Keep it to yourself whatever you think. Politics and music, I don't think it mixes."

Cain then added, "I don't particularly understand why artists can get up there on a rock stage and preach about politics... They need to stay in their lane, too."

Schon is still at it on Twitter: "Thank you friends and fans for your overwhelming support. You've made me feel loved and proud to be there every year for you all. I'll be back next year and it will be FRESHLY RESTORED. GOD BLESS YOU ALL."

Journey has been in negotiations for a tour with Def Leppard starting next May.

To see what Cain and Schon have to say about politics, start at 9:40:



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