ARETHA FRANKLIN: So Thin, She's Unrecognizabe

What's up with Aretha Franklin? Is the Queen of Soul following a new fitness program or is her recent weight loss due to illness?

The Internet is full of rumors -- but few facts, none of which come from the singer or her management.

The one that's likely to generate the most buzz came from performer and Franklin pal Ricky Dillard. On his Instagram,  he posted a photo of a dramatically thinner Aretha without the flabby  "grandma" arms we'd gotten used to seeing. Frankly, she looked more like  someone on the seniors tennis tour than a heavy-set music legend.

The National Enquirer, while not using the pet expression "Valiant Last Days" -- yet -- headlines "Cancer Crisis Behind Weight Loss."

We do know that Aretha canceled several shows after headlining the inaugural Detroit Music Weekend in early June.

Source: National Enquirer



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