LUKE DUKE: Dukes of Hazzard Star Charged for Butt Crack Assault

Tom Wopat, best known for his turn as Luke Duke on the "Dukes of Hazzard," is in serious legal trouble. The 65-year-old is being charged with indecent assault and battery and cocaine possession.

The actor allegedly put his hands down the pants of a woman connected to the production of "42nd Street" he's currently starring in in Massachusetts and groped her butt. According to the report, he also had two other sleazy incidents, including putting his arms around the waist of a woman and pulling her into him from behind and peeling the sunburned skin off of a woman's arm. Tom's response? He "flirts and likes to be friendly" but didn't do anything criminal.

The police who pulled Wopat over after actively searching for him found a small baggie of cocaine on him. Head honchos at the show had reportedly reprimanded Wopat for showing up to rehearsal under the influence.

The actor is pleading not guilty to felony indecent assault and battery as well as a misdemeanor drug possession charge.

Source: TMZ



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