PETE ROSE: Even Creepier Than We Thought

A court document alleges disgraced MLB great Pete Rose may actually be far more disgraceful than we thought.

Because it turns out he did something far worse than gambling on baseball. This according to a story by ESPN's William Weinbaum, who says Rose committed statutory rape in the 1970s.

An unidentified woman alleged in a sworn statement that she and Rose had a sexual relationship before she turned 16, which lasted several years. The statement is part of a motion in John Dowd's defense against Rose, who is suing Dowd for defamation.

Court documents made public yesterday show Rose acknowledges having a sexual relationship with the woman, but that it began in 1975—when she was 16 and when Rose was 34 and married with two kids.

Now here’s where it gets even creepier as "Jane Doe" alleges she had sex with Rose in Ohio and other states when she was under 16, while Rose insists the relations only took place in Ohio where the age of consent in the state is 16.

I mean, is it me or is the only thing worse than if he is lying, would be if he actually was aware of the statute and made sure to only have sex in that state.

Regardless, there’s no possibility Rose will be charged with a crime, due to Ohio's statute of limitations. Now it seems he shouldn’t just be kept out of Cooperstown but also kept a thousand yards from every high school in the country.

Source: The Score


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