JAMES BOND: One Less Candidate for Future 007

If you’ve been hoping beyond hope that Idris Elba would become the first Black James Bond, we've got bad news for you: he’s basically taken himself out of the running

An MGM insider said that Idris won’t have time to play 007 because of his shooting schedule for the BBC show, “Luther.” Apparently the studio would have a hard time working around it. “It is sad news for those fans who felt he was the prime man to be the first ever Black Bond,” the insider noted, adding, “By taking [“Luther”], Idris has essentially turned down Double-O-Seven.” 

Other actors up for the role – providing that Daniel Craig doesn’t return – include Tom Hardy, Aidan Turner, Michael Fassbender, and Tom Hiddleston. The 25th installment of the spy franchise is scheduled to hit theaters next fall. We’ll keep you posted… 

Source: New York Daily News

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