BRADLEY COOPER: Performed at Glastonbury While Brad Pitt Watched

Bradley Cooper was a surprise guest this weekend at the Glastonbury Music Festival.

Cameras rolled during the performance, which will make the final cut of the movie A Star Is Born. He crashed the stage before a set by Kris Kristofferson, who ironically starred alongside Barbra Streisand in the 1976 version of the film.

However, the guitar will be dubbed in post-production. Cooper’s voice could be heard by the Glastonbury crowd, but his guitar wasn’t plugged into the concert amplifiers.

Cooper’s character in A Star Is Born is a washed-up musician, who falls in love with the newcomer played by Lady Gaga. She’s finished filming her scenes. Gaga and Cooper staged live concerts for the movie in April following the Coachella Music Festival. (Billboard)

Brad Pitt watched from the performance from the stage wings. Backstage he posed for photos.