What Oprah Wants, Oprah Gets...At Least at Pinkberry!

Restaurants discontinue dishes all the time. But when Oprah Winfrey likes something, you bring it back. At least that’s what Pinkberry did. 

In case you missed it, the Queen of TV wasn’t happy when she found out that the yogurt company had stopped serving the lemon flavor last month. So she did what anyone would do – she sent out a tweet. Oprah said, “Can this be true? You’ve stopped making lemon? That’s what I was just told at my local Pinkberry. WHY?” 

Pinkberry knew what was up. They told Winfrey that the flavor had been discontinued, but they’d get her some. True to their word, they threw a “Queen Sugar” –themed party for her and OWN team on Tuesday. They also announced that the lemon flavor – which was a limited edition – would be returning for good.

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