GERI HALLIWELL: Releases George Michael Tribute Song

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell recorded a tribute song for her good friend George Michael, “Angels in Chains.” Well, she’s now officially released the tune, with profits going to Childline, one of Michael’s favorite charities.

Geri tells “Billboard” that she and the late singer had a strong “connection,” and that he was always someone who’d “step up” when she needed help. “When I left the Spice Girls, I went and lived with him,” she says. “When I had my first child and I had nowhere to live, I went and lived with him for nine months. He was always a very kind person.”

As for how she’d like to see Michael remembered, she says, “I think we’ll look back at the great artist he was, the kind person he was.” She adds, “In the song that I wrote, right at the end of it, it goes "Every young gun has their fun.” And then it ends with line “Looking back the fun we had, it's freedom that he gave.” So I think from his own mission of honesty to his humanness, you know, as a gay man I think he liberated others to free themselves.” Check out a clip of “Angels In Chains” to the right.

Source: Billboard

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