EAGLES: Vince Gil Will Tour if They Want To

Vince Gill tells Rolling Stone Country that if the Eagles ask him to tour with them after the two shows he's doing with them next month, he'll "be the first one on the bus."

Vince is joining the band as they reunite next month for Classic West in Los Angeles and Classic East in New York. He is one of two musicians they've turned to to fill in for the late Glenn Frey. The other one is Glenn's son, Deacon Frey.

"With Deacon being a part of it, it's the most appropriate thing," says Vince. "He's blood and he's his son. That's healing in its own. I'm beyond flattered that of all the people who play and sing music, that they'd think enough of me to do this. I feel like I'm a great fit. The things I can do and the gifts I've been given really marry well."

Asked how he approached the rehearsals with the band, he said, "I didn't know what to learn, but I assumed learn Glenn songs. I don't know which ones Deacon was going to sing; which ones I was going to sing. That's what rehearsal was for. There's already three guitar players in the band before I get there, so I'm wading in. I was very minimalistic in what I was trying to do. There would be nothing worse than me just blasting in going 90 miles per hour."

As for what songs he'll sing, Vince says "Lyin' Eyes," "New Kid in Town," "Take It to the Limit" and "Heartache Tonight."

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