JOURNEY: Will Schon Shut It Down?

Journey guitarist Neal Schon is threatening to pull the plug on the band if he and keyboardist Jonathan Cain can't get on the same page.

Schon, who objects to Cain sharing his religious and political opinions in concert, tweets, "If we can't agree I'll shut it down and go to court over our name. As I said before I'll protect it forever..."

Schon's tweet barrage today also includes:

  • "Jonathan apparently is telling people that we are not getting along because of creative differences. Not so. We haven't been creative."
  • "Jonathan likes to say [our last album] Eclipse was not successful because it was not Journey friendly. It's my fault. Yes I wanted to rock but Jonathan wrote more than I did."
  • "I've worked my ass off. I attribute our current success to great decisions on my part and great songs we wrote."
  • "It's supposed to be an uplifting non-controlling atmosphere where people can feel one with the music. Not a scam... There's no way you win... everyone has different beliefs. It's not right. They come to be entertained, not brain washed."
  • "I do not want Journey used in any way to promote evangelical beliefs. 'We are One Nation under God.' I believe this not only for Journey but ALL concerts. Music is the ONLY universal language that brings us together - eliminating hate - Pure."
  • "Leave Journey music sacred. I don't care who wrote what. Its all Journey music."
  • "I don't believe in holding onto crap... brush it off and move on. Life is precious and short."

Journey has a show tomorrow night in New Orleans and Greenville, South Carolina on Sunday.

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