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Pittsburgh's Classic Hits

Lori Bradley


Girl on the train trailer

I read the book and loved it.  The trailer looks better than I could have imagined. Another reason to look forward to the fall!
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Ryan Murphy's Stop The Hate video

This is long - 18 minutes - but honors each of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.  Lady Gaga is part of it.  Completely worth watching, make the time :0
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Bridget Jones Baby trailer

Can't wait to see this one!
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They are peacefully canoeing and then this happens

Wow.  I would have freaked out!
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First look: Jack Reacher - Never Go Back

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Watt a box?....

Burger King India has been running a contest to win a Watt A Box, which in addition to holding your food, charges your phone!  I want one because how handy would that be if you're at 1%?
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Father's Day, NFL style

This is pretty darn sweet!  Happy Father's Day to all of you dads!!!
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If Game of Thrones had Facebook

Poor Theon....
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82 year old covers "Bodies" and it's....WOW

John Hetlinger shocked “America’s Got Talent” with his audition. After impressing Simon Cowell and the panel with his career highlights, the Metal fan rocked out to Drowning Pool’s...
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A gamer proposal!

The level she wanted to get to!  Also, a shout out to my friend Amanda who got engaged to Daniel over the holiday weekend!  Ahhh, LOVE!  
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