The royal baby is finally here, and celebrities immediately headed to Twitter to offer their thoughts. 

Ellen DeGeneres: "How can you tell when there's about to be a royal baby? When they start crowning. I'll be here all week."

Joan Rivers: "Congratulations to Kate & William on the birth of their baby boy! So relieved that his name won’t include the words Ivy or Apple."

Olivia Wilde: "How awesome is it that Dennis Farina will be reincarnated as the royal baby."

Joel McHale: "A lady had a baby."

Ellen Page: "Woah people seem super excited for this new british band, the royal baby."

Kelly Osbourne: "#GodBlessOurFutureKing. Very proud to be British right."

Christine Teigen: "Upset there could never be a King Harry."

Jimmy Fallon: "Kate Middleton went into labor [Monday]. When the rest of the royal family heard, they said, 'Oh my God -- what's 'labor'?"

Jay Mohr: “Lebowski: We had a baby? Us: We? Lebowski: The ROYAL We.”

Steve Martin: “I would be so honored if they named the royal baby Steve Martin."

Will Ferrell: “I really hope the royal baby turns out to be gay.”

David Spade: “Stupid royal baby comes out early to ruin my birthday? Six minutes old -- already more famous than me. Not cool."

SOURCE: NY Daily News  (Photo:  CCME)