Check out these funky Thanksgiving events happening across the country:

  • Colored Turkeys at Gozzi's Turkey Farm: Every year, this working Connecticut farm dyes the feathers of its turkeys vibrant colors and then lets kids hand-feed the rainbow birds. It sounds weird, but kids apparently love it.
  • McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Macy's might get the hype and the media coverage, but in Chicago, the McDonald's parade is where it's at.
  • The Turkey Testicle Festival: 21 and over only at the Parkside Pub in Huntley, Illinois, on the eve of Thanksgiving. That's when 1,000 pounds of turkey testicles will be served and eaten alongside pizza and beer ... probably lots and lots of beer.
  • Harvest Dinner at Plymouth Plantation: If you are a real American history buff, this is the celebration for you – a historical dinner at the original Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. The food and dress are as authentic as it gets, but don't wait until the last minute if you want to go. Tickets are in such high demand, they go on sale in June!
  • The Green Lake Gobble: So a mashed potato eating contest might not sound that unusual, but what about a mashed potato eating contest after running a 5k?! That's what they do in Seattle. The runner who eats the most mashed potatoes in 4 minutes goes home with a gravy boat load of cash. (HuffingtonPost)