During the Emmy Awards broadcast on August 25th, Robin Williams will get a significant memorial segment. He launched his career in the '70s, then took a 32-year hiatus from TV shows before returning last year to The Crazy Ones

A source from that show’s set claims Robin Williams “fell off wagon” by demanding he be served alcohol in his glass for a fancy dinner scene. The Hollywood insider revealed, “Robin insisted on a real drink. No one had seen him drinking before this. One drink led to another, but it seemed to calm him down.”

It’s well-established that Williams spent 20-years completely sober, but in his final decade seemed to bounce in-and-out of the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. At times he'd even speak candidly about his first relapse and how simple it was to pick up a mini-bottle of Jack Daniels. His last stint in rehab was in July.  Source: Page Six