Queen + Adam Lambert did the second show of their tour on Saturday in Winnipeg, Canada and they added another song to the set list, as "Don't Stop Me Now" was wedged in between "Radio GaGa" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Show number-three is tonight (Monday) in Saskatoon, Canada.

Those "musical geniuses" at Rolling Stone magazine dissected last Thursday's tour opener in Chicago and came up with "5 Things We Learned" about Queen and Adam Lambert. They are:

1) "Adam Lambert is no Freddie Mercury, but the man sure can sing." Really? He's no Freddie Mercury? Gee, what gave you that idea? Perhaps because for starters he's alive?

2) "Queen don't skimp on spectacle." Obviously the writer of the piece, Dan Hyman, never saw Queen in concert before nor bothered to ever watch any of their numerous concert DVDs.

3) "Queen have a boatload of hits... and a boatload more." And, Dan obviously does not own a Queen album or listens to the radio.

4) "Brian May and Roger Taylor are supremely underrated talents." Hmmm, not sure if underrated is the right term, but it's not hard to see how the spotlight escaped them when backing someone of Freddie Mercury's caliber.

5) "The wardrobe department came through bigtime." Again, something that has always been a big part of a Queen show. But, we thank Rolling Stone for pointing out that Adam Lambert had eight different outfits.