Lionel Richie says his North American tour -- which began last night (Thursday) in Vancouver -- includes plenty of Commodores material. He tells Rolling Stone, "Any artist that wouldn't play the old stuff was just shooting themselves in the head. People want to hear the whole package. In other words, if you're lucky enough to start in a group and then go solo, people want to hear everything you've done. They want every part of your career."

Regarding The Commodores, who continue on without him featuring former Heatwave vocalist J.D. Nicholas, Lionel says he's "been testing the waters" about working with them again. Still, there remains a rift. A couple of unnamed ex-bandmates appear to be the issues. Richie says, "To get the other two, if I could pull that off, I will be the miracle worker of life. I'm not going to say no. I'm just gonna say, if it's in the clouds it's gonna happen." He compares it to The Beatles' failure to reunite during the '70s. "No one cares anymore about whatever you were mad at 30 years ago. No one cares. That's called the group thing. Every group experiences that stupid kind of paralysis."