Given his combination of running and pass-catching abilities, it’s no secret that Steelers' running back Le’Veon Bell is a dual talent on the football field.

But it turns out he has a third skill he is about to blow up with—rapping. Bell is about to hit the big time with his budding music career with the release of a full-length rap album, which the running back was on Twitter plugging Wednesday.

Bells album, entitled “Post-Interview” that will drop on March 1  which, incidentally, comes on the one-year anniversary of his mixtape  “The Interview.”

And if you think it’s not worth a listen, don’t tell that to a few record labels, as he has attracted their attention in the past year

“I was like, oh, I’ll never sign with a label. That’s what I was  saying months ago. But then when they’re actually calling you, it’s  different. It’s like: Oh, man, can I actually do this? Do I really want  to do this? Obviously it’s something I have to put on the back burner,  because I can’t go meet with them right now.”

And if you can listen to only one of his tracks may I recommend a  single he aimed at one of his detractors in the sports world entitled “Shrimp Bayless."

Yeah, I’ll let you guess who that was about but I bet you’ll get it on your first take… I mean guess.

Congrats if you figured out it was Skip Bayless… now reward yourself by taking a listen to the track:

Source: The Houston Chronicle