Despite a recent reunion for a BBC documentary, there are no plans for the 1970s lineup of Genesis to get together again anytime soon.

Guitarist Steve Hackett, who would jump at the opportunity, says, "To my knowledge there are no plans for a Genesis reformation including the five of us. We only met to be interviewed for the documentary.” The film will air later this year.

Meanwhile, Anthony Phillips, the band's co-founder and original guitarist, says he has mixed feelings about not being invited to participate in the reunion for the documentary. "I suppose it becomes a bit complicated to mention the different lineups, so I think they just go for where the band was most static. Calling them the original lineup is just convenient parlance, isn’t it? I’ve kind of got used to it. Occasionally one feels a little bit of a sort of footnote in history, almost airbrushed out. At other times I almost feel embarrassed about the interest shown to a time where, to be honest, some of the music was a bit rough. But if you’re talking about the original lineup, it was the four guys at Charterhouse [school]," which was Phillips, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks. Phillips left Genesis in 1970 after recording their second album, Trespass