Fleetwood Mac fans may be chomping at the bit to have the band hit the road, but no one one’s happier than Christine McVie.

Christine McVie says she had two hurdles to overcome to rejoin Fleetwood Mac -- a fear of flying and Lindsey Buckingham.  The singer tells "Elle" that over time her mild apprehension about air travel had turned into a phobia, and that one step in coming to grips with her fear was to simply buy a plane ticket.  She did -- to Maui -- and she took the flight with Mick Fleetwood. 

She says Mick brought her back to the stage in Hawaii, for a show with his blues band, before they flew to Los Angeles to meet with the rest of Fleetwood Mac.  Christine recalls everyone was happy to have her back except Buckingham, who was concerned about her commitment and ability to sustain a tour after so much time away.  But she says Lindsey has nothing to worry about -- she's been working with a personal trainer to make sure she's in shape, and she's excited about their upcoming trek.

Christine adds that she plans to make the most of her time on the road.  She says she intends to go exploring in the cities they visit, and not remain holed up in her hotel room during their days off.  Fleetwood Mac will launch their tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 30th.  It will be the group's first road trip with Christine since she left the band in 1998. And of course, Fleetwood Mac will be in Pittsburgh on Oct 14th.

Source: Elle