Elvis' tooth has left one building -- and failed to get to another. According to the BBC, a Presley dental crown now owned by Canadian dentist Michael Zuk is part of a traveling display designed to raise awareness for oral cancers. Last Friday, it was supposed to be sent to a dental clinic in Bracknell, England. But when the package arrived, only dental tools were inside. It took five hours for the shipper to find the right package and re-route to its intended destination.

Doctor Teresa Day said she was "All Shook Up" when The King's Crown failed to arrive. It was made back in the '70s by Presley's Memphis dentist Henry J. Weiss. Zuk, who famously bought a fragment of one of John Lennon's teeth for a separate, but similar traveling exhibit, paid a little under $10,000 for the crown at auction.

The King's Crown exhibit, which also includes costumes, a lock of Elvis' hair and several letters of authenticity, will tour various British dental centers through June 17th.