Graham Nash has revealed the proposed Crosby, Stills and Nash "covers project" is back on track.  Nash tells their initial efforts got derailed when David Crosby and producer Rick Rubin "got into an argument." That was 2011.

He explains that with anything CSN does, if one of them is "not into it, it ends" – and that's "ever more so when David doesn't want to do something."  Graham says they originally recorded seven tracks, including The Beatles' "Norwegian Wood" and Bob Dylan's "Girl From The North Country," none of which "excited" them.  He says since returning to the idea, they've cut five songs they "really like."
Nash adds that the trio intends to resume working on the project once they're finished touring – a run they recently extended into the fall.  Their road trip begins in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on July 2nd, and wraps up in Los Angeles on October 4th.