Check out some isolated vocal tracks on huge hits past and present                     

With auto-tune still all the rage (YES...Gisele Bundchen, I'm looking at YOU), it’s hard to figure out who’s fakin it, and who actually has pipes anymore. Thanks to the folks at Buzzfeed, however, we’re getting a clearer listen. From past to present, here’s a listen:

  • Somebody murdered a microphone – it was Freddie Mercury and the isolated track we’ve got is “Somebody To Love”
  • Ann Wilson is one of the greatest vocalists anywhere – rock or otherwise. Here’s a “vocals only” video for one of the best songs ever. Heart’s “Barracuda.”
  • There’s a reason Aretha Franklin is called the “Queen of Soul”…
  • Beyoncé kills it on “Love On Top”
  • Kickin it old school with Bonnie Tyler with “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
  • Yes, Amy Winehouse really was that talented. Here’s her singing “Rehab” acapella.
  • Say what you will about their long term prospects, but the One Direction boys can blow – and they prove it with the isolated vocal track of “You And I”
  • This’ll put you somewhere sunshiny…the Beach Boys’ isolated vocal track for “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” will give you chills. In the good way. 
  • A truly great loss – take a listen to Whitney Houston before all of that “crack is whack” nonsense.
  • Okay okay – you’ve heard “Let It Go” more times than you can stomach. But you’ve got to at least give the original voice a listen – because you’ve never heard it like this. No, really.
  • Wanna feel like it’s 1991 again? Ever think that you couldn’t really be impressed by Kurt Cobain? Really.