The Peacock Network is planning a mini-series about "the band you've known for all these years."  According to "Variety," NBC is developing an eight-part series about The Beatles.  If the rumors are true – that the project is being written by the man responsible for creating and producing "The Tudors" – chances are it’ll be done well – and filled with drama.

If that’s not enough Beatles news for you, how about this: a special box set will soon be on its way. On September 8th, Apple will release the group’s entire mono catalog on 180-gram vinyl in a new 14-album collection.

According to "The Second Disc" “The Beatles In Mono” is the vinyl version of the group’s 2009 CD mono box. It contains everything up through the band’s 1968 self-titled “White Album,” adding a three-LP set of non-album tracks. The Beatles’ last two records, “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be,” featured identical stereo and mono mixes. The coolest part about the set: producers worked from original recording notes in an effort to get back to the purest intended sound.