A trove of The Beach Boys memorabilia will likely sold as a singular collection. The material was recovered from Florida storage unit whose rent went unpaid.

Ted Owen, head of London's Fame Bureau auctioneers tells the Associated Press, "We thought it would be a crime to break it up. What's striking is just how creative and detailed it is." Owen says the manuscripts showing how Brian Wilson arranged the horns demonstrate "song development. This is right from the beginning -- well thought out melodies, well thought out harmonies. It's an inside view of the construction of songs, and his genius, really." The collection also includes documents, personal letters and photos, including one of George Harrison with Mike Love.

The Beach Boys, who failed in a legal effort to regain custody of the items, have refused to comment, according to their spokesman Jay Jones.

The sale is scheduled for May 15th. While Owen expects to sell the collection as a whole, if he's unable to move it for the right price, he will consider dividing it up.